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Stand and Deliver

We stopped by the East End Bistro in Bird Town last night to see Bill Squire and Cody Cooper's "Stand and Deliver" series.

The East End Bistro is a cool little spot. The food that we've had there has been good. The bartenders are great and really nice. The back room where the comedy does its comedy-ing is small (realtors: "cozy") and has a fireplace. Yep, jokes AND fire in the same place! On this evening, Mr. Cody Cooper was our host and, when needed, moral compass.

If you're unfamiliar with Cody, he's like funny and stuff. Last night was no different. But it kind of was. Because Cody tends to joke about current events and daily happenings, so each night usually varies based on his most recent experiences. That's why you shouldn't miss out on these shows. Also, they have food. Did I mention that? Cody was feeling under the weather but made up for it with a gloriously-phallic shirt. Also, I want one. I don't know what that means.

The combatants were introduced. "Stand and Deliver" shows are just as the name suggests. Two comedians go head-to-head in a challenge to write jokes based on five audience-suggested topics. They get the subjects at the beginning of the show, then they write their jokes in the bar while the night's other comedians perform. Bitter rivals Logan Rishaw and David Morales were given light and easy topics like: cancer. And some more heady stuff like: Trapper Keepers.

The performing comics were good. The show is free but many of the comedians are regulars at clubs that charge. Money.

So that's not as good as free.

Some notable moments:

Spyder Jones

Spyder Jones explaining why strippers make him itch. We won't spoil it for you.

Go see Spyder, man.

AJ DiCosimo

AJ DiCosimo struck the cancer chord pre-emptively with a lumpy, cancer-themed quickie that was great. Go see this guy whenever his name is on a lineup.

Skitzo Bill was in his formal attire (aka: straight-jacket) flanked by some "funny-looking" orderlies. He ended his set with a joke/threat hybrid and then was led offstage. We love Skitzo Bill.

Ariel Sugar

Ariel Sugar is not a mermaid. Or a merman. He wants that to be clear.

But tonight we're hangin with Mr. Cooper and Cody likes saying it the Disney mermaid way. Either way, Mr. Sugar has a hilariously-odd take on economics.

Bill Squire

Bill Squire is Bill Squire. Every night. He makes comedy seem very effortless. I'm pretty sure he doesn't think about which jokes he's going to do until he gets onstage most of the time. Throw in a little crowd work and his comedically-warped takes on current issues and suddenly the years of work and experience are unmistakeable. But what else would you expect from a guy that can proudly rock a dolphin earring? That's probably why his face is on a sweet t-shirt. You should buy Bill's t-shirt. Just sayin.

Josh Lawhorn

Josh Lawhorn shared some insight into the difference between junkies and meth heads. Also, if you are a homeless person selling street-fudge, he's down for some of it.

Jim Tews

In a room that was mostly full, the entire front table sat empty. This was the table for Jim Tews' family and friends. Or so he would have us believe.

In actuality, it was just a quick laugh to begin. Which was an appropriate tone for him to set. He was funny at the beginning, middle and end of his short set, without variance. There's no reason to believe his longer sets wouldn't be equally potent. Yep. I said it. Jim Tews is potent.

Ben Moore stopped by! Look him up online. He's funny. He made me rethink my stance on old lady handjobs. He prefers sex over violence but either way, maybe don't smell his knuckles. But please DO go see him March 26th at Hilarities.

The main event:

Logan Rishaw came out raw and swinging and after his first salvo, Cody voiced his disappointment. Or he just doesn't like gingers. No way to know. Dave fired right back but Logan took the cancer round. And the incest round. We're concerned about Logan!

Dave took two rounds to tie things up.

Then, in a comeback that can only be described as nothing like the Cavs, Dave Morales defied the odds that didn't exist to become the champion and win absolutely nothing. And nothing never tasted so sweet!!! Logan Rishaw was inconsolable. He refused to comment on the loss other than to utter "I'm Hilary now" over and over as he sobbed.

If you want something cool to talk about at work the next day, go to these Thursday night shows!


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