Cleveland Comedy Awards 

Winners 2018

Congratulations to all the winners and a huge thanks to all who registered and voted!!!


Please remember:

The CCAs are meant to celebrate the accomplishments and progress of Cleveland comedians and comedy overall. The awards are not meant to be exclusionary, nepotistic or derogatory in any way.

The voting represent almost one hundred registered comedians. One comedian equals one vote.

These are the exact and direct results of the voting. Congratulations!

Best Female Comedian

Mary Santora

Best Male Comedian

Mike Polk, Jr.


Best Joke Short-form

Brett Thomas

Playing catch with Dad

Best Joke Long-form

Brian Kenny

Horse story


Rookie of the Year

Brett Thomas

Best Show Up Go Up

The Village Idiot


Best Comedy Showcase

Hilario at Barrio


Best Comedy Event

Cleveland Comedy Festival

Best Comedy Festival


Comedy Festival

Best Live Comedy Contest

Ad Hominem Attack Show

Roast Battle

Best Promoter/Promotional Team

Accidental Comedy 

Best Comedy Club

Funny Stop

Comedy Club




Best Room

East End Bistro

Best Host

Joshua Morrow

Best Sketch Comedy Group

Sad Boys

Social Club


Best Sketch Comedy Performer

James Earl


Best Comedy Short


Sad Boys Social Club

Best Podcast

Teach These Devils

The Performers' Award

Steve Mers