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2nd Annual ComedicCLE Indoor Golf Outing

Our 2nd annual “Indoor Golf Outing” took place at West Bank Golf Club in the flats this past Sunday just as the Cleveland Marathon was wrapping up. With a 2pm start time, we immediately knew it would be a great event because the city already had traffic blocked off just for us and people were literally running to get to West Bank Golf Club in time!! It was exciting.

In an obvious attempt to intimidate his competitors, first time golfer Joey Zsa Zsa pulled up on a motorcycle big enough to tow a semi. Phil Eckenrode got stuck in the incoming golf fan traffic and that frustration seemed to drive his furious play as he sought to repeat last year’s big win.

Brian Kenny set the new standard for a hybrid between commentator and roastmaster. Brian offered up such supportive comments as “you look less like a golfer and more like you either work at the course or you’re just here with your sponsor” or “that shot was nowhere near the hole. Not sure the object of the game was properly explained to him”.

David Morales showed up early and focused. That focus was slightly dulled when he realized the very affordable drink prices at West Bank Golf Club and the fun atmosphere. Dave has some dope comedy events of his own coming up this summer so please check one out. You won’t be disappointed.

On the subject of being disappointed… Mr. Gary Campbell fell just short of his half of a repeat win.

With the classy sportsmanship that can only be mustered by a guy Brian Kenny nicknamed “Juicy”, Gary gave post game props to our eventual overall winners Phil Eckenrode and Kari “I guess Phil is the key to winning it because he won both years with different partners”. And then he poisoned Phil’s drink while Phil collected his prize. I’m assuming that last part.

The aforementioned Joey Zsa Zsa showed surprising promise as he had never swung a golf club before. He seemed to learn very quickly and vowed to win it next year. And he was talking about the PGA Championship, not our event. Aim high, Joey!

Did we mention that there was pizza!! Glorious and delicious Rascal House pizza. There was more than enough Rascal House pizza to feed a bunch of “pretend golfers” as Brian Kenny loved to say. The entire field did better at drinking and consuming pizza than golfing, so the favorite clearly cashed there.

Russell Jones of Jone’s Drones was buzzing fly-by’s throughout the event and it was fun to watch the throngs of onlookers react. No humans were harmed and the puppies (yup, they had friggin puppies!) didn’t even notice. Russell also teed it up for the event and that’s all I know about it because I was busy touring the course’s many fine lakes and beaches (aka: sand traps) like I was doing a TripAdvisor review.

Jack Long showed that he is clearly our superior by winning the long drive competition with a 284 yard laser beam. Jack is my son so I would love to take any possible genetic credit but I think it was his samurai-esque top knot and will to destroy my chances of winning anything that actually powered him through to victory.

Megan Brautigam played golf again. That’s really the highlights and lowlights all in one. She was clearly rusty in her first attempt of the year and the dejection in her face was evident. But then she saw the puppies and she was happier than ever. In reality, maybe that was her only real agenda all along.

Matt Grasshoff and Jessica Fontenette rounded out our field of fierce competitors and takers of Brian Kenny’s abusive commentary. Jessica was also brand new to golf but Jessica was a college athlete so she caught on very quickly and she’s used to trash talk. Matt continued the tradition of Hahn-Loeser dominance by winning closest to pin on the famous #7 at Pebble Beach.

Unfortunately, Matt also had to endure twice the usual amount of heckling as he was in a group with Phil Eckenrode. Matt and I also made a classic strategical mistake and talked so much crap about Phil while we waited for him that we were a little insult-fatigued by the time he arrived. Notes for next year!

Now, let’s talk West Bank Golf Club. If you haven’t played golf on a simulator you’re missing out. It’s very fun and a great way to not lose balls or dignity if you’re as bad as some of us were. It’s also great for experienced/expert golfers.

West Bank Golf Club also features pool tables, dart boards, putting games, lots of TVs, music, a nice bar and awesome atmosphere with a group of owners/employees that are truly all about Cleveland even more than they are all about golf!

You don’t have to be a golfer or have a tee time to have a great time at West Bank. And yeah, they may very well have a puppy or two hanging out.

We’d like to give a huge thanks to everyone that participated and to everyone that showed up to support!!

We definitely could not have had this fun event without Funny Bus CLE, Rascal House Pizza, Hahn Loeser, The Winston Co., Hydration Spark, Hilarities and West Bank Golf Club.

An extra special thanks goes out to our great friends at Funny Bus CLE and Hilarities for providing the generous prizes!!

Thanks to all and see you next year!!!


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