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Dave Attell at Hilarities 12/22/17

‘Twas the Friday night before Christmas and we were fortunate enough to have excellent seats to one of the best comedy shows I have ever seen. Three comedians. Three killers. Top to bottom, this show was as solid as it gets. And that was not lost on the capacity crowd at Hilarities.

As baseball and comedy fans both know, leadoff is an important role. Well, then Mary Santora must be the Kenny Lofton of comics. Because she definitely started things off the right way. Mary uses a really perfect balance of formatted jokes blended with crowd work adaptation. And that makes a great first impression to all the waiting fans wondering what the show will be like tonight. They found out quickly. It was going to be a memorable night. It’s often pretty basic and lazy when comedians are described as “fun”. But have you seen Mary perform? It’s not just funny, it’s truly fun. And that was exactly her job this weekend for Dave Attell. To start it off with great jokes, commanding presence and generate energy. Check, check and check! She hosted all of the Attell shows over the weekend and also was very approachable and available for fans afterwards. Mary is a Cleveland comedian and member of Accidental Comedy. Get all your Mary Santora info here.

Okay, next up was Dave Landau.

Prior to this show, I was not familiar with his comedy. Where the hell have I been??

This guy is great! To say his style is taking personal experiences and making them hilarious wouldn’t do his originality justice. So in an attempt to describe it more accurately, Dave’s set was comically deceiving and confusing at the same time. And both in a very good way. Deceiving because of the past experiences he describes versus the current appearance he presents. And confusing because you know he’s taking you somewhere funny with each joke, but you can’t predict where. You just have to go with it. And that’s a really funny ride. You see, Dave looks like a pretty chill guy. But apparently that is a somewhat new approach for him. Which makes for an interesting juxtaposition. A relaxed, yet quick-witted and normal-appearing comic describing acts that are the exact opposite works perfectly. They say there is a reason for everything and the reason to get off the couch and go see Dave Landau, if and when he visits your town, is because he is more than worth it. And you will laugh your ass off. That’s two pretty sweet reasons. You can get more familiar with Dave here.

So then... it was time (Bruce Buffer voice).

Mr. Dave Attell was on his way to the stage. His attire was attempting to be as thoroughly-layered as his comedy. Nice try clothes. But not even close. This is one of my very favorite comedians ever. So forget being unbiased, Dave Attell is awesome. Always appearing to be talking right off the top of his head while still presenting an expertly-polished product is so good to watch. I have seen a lot of Dave’s work and this was a great representation of his vibe. Out-of-the-blue beginnings are a thing I have come to love and expect from his style. And there were a few classic new examples Friday night. Classic in form only, Dave Attell is never stale with the material. There was a little bit of everything. Even some chanting/singing. One of the best things about Attell is his pure originality. He touches on subjects and perspectives that you won’t hear anywhere else. And his crowd interaction is exactly what you would expect from a guy with that many shows under his belt. Great. He learned a little about Cleveland talking to the fans and added some of his New York Jew (his words, I think) perspective. It’s always fun when a comic like Dave picks on you and interacts with you during his set. But I would let Dave choose you. Or...just chime in uninvited and see what happens.

There were also a few extra little things about the show that made it special. For both the fans in attendance as well as the other comedians on the bill. But Dave is currently/perpetually touring and we don’t do spoilers. So go see it for yourself. Because Dave Attell is a comic legend. Credits? Google Dave Attell and make sure you set aside a sizable chunk of time. Also, make sure your rock is locked when you venture out from under it. The show is amazing and there’s a good chance he’s coming to a city or town near you soon. Check out the tour dates here and get your tickets fast!

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