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Jake Johannsen at Hilarities 6/18/17

Sunday night was a holiday to most fathers. But today is the real Father's Day for Jake Johannsen. He didn't spend the official holiday with his daughter because he was busy entertaining a room full of people at Hilarities on Sunday. And I do mean "full". So yesterday was a travel day for him and today he is somewhere in Johannsenville celebrating what can only be described as being a VERY cool dad.

The show Sunday started off with the soon-to-be-married Mr. Dan Brown as our host. Dan was good. As a host/opener you can't delve too deeply into anything and Dan kept it light, quick and moving along. That is not always the case with openers.

Some comedians don't really seem to understand that role and it can distract from the flow of the night. Touching on subjects like working the WWE into your new marriage and the possible downfalls of theme weddings, he did a good job of getting things going. Dan fit right in.