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4th Annual Cleveland Comedy Awards Official Nominees

Best Podcast:

The Bill Squire Show

Boogered Up Podcast


The Lexx Vegas Show

Best Sketch Comedy Group:

Brothers Montgomery

Imposters Main Stage Sketch Show

Sad Boys Social Club

Best Sketch Comedy Performer:

Cam Godfrey

Tabitha Jones

Ryan Santa

Best Improv Comedy Group:

Cash Only

Hot Goss

Point of No Return

Best Improv Comedy Performer:

Sam Dee

Cole Galloway

Deena Nyer Mendlowitz

Best Comedy Promoters/Marketers:

Nancy Abraham

Follow the Crowd

Cam Godfrey

David Morales

Secret Society

Best Producer:

Nancy Abraham

Michael Busch

Follow the Crowd

Ant Morrow

Secret Society 

Milton Wyley

Best Venue:

Funny Bone

Funny Stop


Imposters Theater

Best Room:

The Desert Inn

Grog Shop

Hi and Dry

Judd's City Tavern

Mahall's Apartment

Best Short Joke:

Tyrone Gaines - "Thick and Thin"

Marty Malloy - "Intestines"

Marty Malloy - "Amish Car Wash"

Best Long Joke:

Flem Love - "White Slaves"

Anthony Mayo - "Whachu bout to do"

Elijah Nevels - "Tatiana"

Tim Wolfe - "My dad died"

Rookie of the Year:

Daniel McGinnis

Elijah Nevels


Most Original Comedy Concept:

Paul Beel

D'Jaay Brown Johnson

Funny Bus

The Marc Glassman Comedy Special

Best Open Mic:


One More Joke at Judd's City Tavern

Parma Pit Stop

Best Showcase:

Hi and Dry

Imposters BIG Comedy Night

Make 'Em Laugh Mondays

Secret Society

Best Comedy Festival:

Cleveland Comedy Festival

Mass Hysteria

Rubber City Comedy Festival

Superfan Award:

Michael Boles

Megan Schenk

Jane Winik

Road Warrior Award:

John Bruton

Tyrone Gaines

Big Rich Greene

Patrick Madison

Jason Moliterno

Rob Ward

Tim Wolfe

Juggernaut of Comedy:

John Brown

Cole Galloway

Marty Malloy

Daniel Myers

Elijah Nevels

The Performers' Award:

John Armstrong

John Brown

Dave Flynt

Brielle Gibson 

Tim Wolfe

Best Host:

KC Curry

Kevin Ford

David Horning

Jimmy Killius

Bryan Sternik

Comedian of the Year:

John Armstrong

John Bruton

Elijah Nevels

Mary Santora

Bill Squire

Rob Ward

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