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Best Podcast:

The Bill Squire Show

Brown Petri Dish

Good and Bad w/ Gabe Gerry

Ten Cent Beer Life

Best Web Series/Online Content:

Cooking With Scott

Matt Shaver

Secret Society

Best Sketch Comedy Group:

Flamingo City

Girl Boss Babies

Sad Boys Social Club

Best Sketch Comedy Performer:

Joe Briggs

Cam Godfrey

JT Godfrey

Tabitha Jones

Best Improv Group:

Improv Game Night

Imposters Society

It's a Match

Best Improv Performer:

Mike Frye

Aziz Ghrabat

Cam Godfrey

Deena Nyer Mendlowitz

Best Comedy Promoters/Marketers:

Bruton Creative

BS Pro Design

Cam Godfrey

Follow the Crowd

Secret Society 

Best Producer:

Nancy Abraham

Connor Balderson, Grace Dwyer - Follow the Crowd

John Bruton

Michael Busch - Imposters Theater

Gheramy Demery, David Horning, Bryan Sternik - Secret Society

Dwayne Duke

David Morales

Best Venue:

Funny Stop Comedy Club


Imposters Theater


Best Room:

Forest City Brewery

Grog Shop

Hi and Dry

Judd's City Tavern


Mahall's Upstairs Apartment

Best Joke Short-Form:

"I'm becoming more like Jesus everyday...everyday fewer and fewer people believe in me" - Joe Graham

"Celebrities you want to meet, dead or alive. Justin Bieber, dead." - Marty Malloy

"What you bout to do" - Anthony Mayo

"Reverse ejaculation" - Tim Wolfe

Best Joke Long-Form:

"Son with special needs" - John Armstrong

"Found a gun" - Joe Briggs

"Deer Crossing/Randy" - John Brown

"God doesn't want me to have money" - Robert Coleman

"Girl Scouts" - Paul Henry

"Bernie Kosar" - Miki Janosi

"Petsmart" - Tim Wolfe

Rookie of the Year:

Hannah Belmont

Cam Godfrey

DJ Brown Johnson

Kevin Morrison

Stephen Prince

Best Open-Mic:

One More Joke at Judd's City Tavern

Euro Gyro


Tick Tock Tavern

Best Comedy Showcase:

Imposters BIG Comedy Night

Imposters Triple Threat Show

Secret Society 

Sylks Comedy Showcases

Best Comedy Event:

50ish First Jokes

Ad Hominem Attack Show Roast Battles

Imposters Pro Roe Variety Show

Jokes on You

Best Comedy Festival/Multi-day Event:

Cleveland Comedy Festival

Mass Hysteria

Midwest Queer Comedy Fest

Rubber City Comedy Festival

Sixth City Comedy Festival 


Eric Kazen

Megan Schenk

Jane Winik

Road Warrior:

John Bruton

Rich Greene

Chris Harvey

Jason Moliterno

Mary Santora
Rob Ward

Milton Wyley

Juggernaut of Comedy:

Joe Briggs

John Brown

Marty Malloy

Daniel Myers

The Performers' Award:
John Armstrong

Joe Briggs

Dave Flynt

Joe Graham

Tim Wolfe

Best Host:

Joe Briggs

Cam Godfrey

Jimmy Killius

Bryan Sternik 

Best Comedian:

John Armstrong

Joe Briggs

Mary Santora

Bill Squire

Tim Wolfe

2023 Official Nominees

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