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The 2020 Official Nominees:

Best Podcast:

Classy Dinner Podcast

Flix & Bill

Let the Hate Flow Through You

Teach These Devils

Best Sketch Comedy Group:

Flamingo City

Last Call Cleveland

The cast of the Mike Polk, Jr. Show LIVE

Sad Boys Social Club

Best Sketch Comedy Performer:

Joe Briggs

Zachariah Durr

Tabitha Jones

Aaron McBride

Mike Polk, Jr.

Best Improv Comedy Group:

Just Go With It

Point of No Return 

This Improvised Life

Best Improv Comedy Performer:

Michael Busch

James Catullo

Mike Frye

Deena Nyer Mendlowitz

Ruben Ryan

Best Promoter/Promotional Team:

John Bruton

Michael Busch

Funny Noizes Productions

Josh Lawhorn

Bryan Sternik

Best Room:

Cheese and Chong's/Matinee

East End Bistro

Grog Shop

Lakewood Village Tavern


Toth's Place

Best Short Joke:

James Earl Brassfield - "Consent on 3"

AJ DiCosimo - "Walking in on your grandparents having sex"

Marty Malloy - "Jussie Smollett"

Steve Mers - "Italian cops are guinea pigs"

Ryley Nezballa - "Kids with Cancer and Baseball Cards"

Best Long Joke:

John Bruton - "Adopting two white kids; one for the house, one for the field"

Cody Cooper - "Willy Wonka"

David Horning - "Social Media and Solving Wildfires"

Tim Wolfe - "The Sandwich Shop"

Rookie of the Year:

Joe Briggs

Phil Eckenrode

Blake Haywood

Jimmy Killius

Anthony Mayo

Best Open Mic:

Cheese and Chong's/Matinee

Euro Gyro Open Mic

Funny Stop Open Mic


Taco Tonto's

Tick Tock

Best Showcase:

Craft Laughs

Eastside Comedy at Toth's Place

Make 'Em Laugh Mondays

Stand and Deliver

Women and Wine

Best Comedy Event:

50ish First Jokes

Ad Hominem Attack Show Roast Battles


The Voltron Show

Best Comedy Festival:

Cleveland Comedy Festival

Mass Hysteria


Ron Fatica

Eric Kazen

Rachelle Kanuch

Rustin McCann

Stripper Scott

Road Warrior:

John Bruton

Dwayne Duke

Chris Harvey

Jason Moliterno

Mary Santora

Jeff Shaw

Rob Ward

Juggernaut of Comedy:

John Bruton

David Horning

Steve Mers

LJ Payne

Bryan Sternik

Brett Thomas

The Performers' Award:

AJ DiCosimo

David Horning

Amber Maeda

Marty Malloy

Juanda Mayfield

Steve Mers

Mary Santora

Brett Thomas

Tim Wolfe

Best Host:

John Bruton

Ryley Nezballa

Bryan Sternik

Tanc with a C

Best Comedian:

Liz Blanc

John Bruton

Dave Flynt

Steve Mers

Mike Polk, Jr.

Mary Santora

Bill Squire

Rob Ward

Check out this article from Mike McIntyre about the awards!

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