Alan Cox Comedy Tour 4/14/17

Two of the biggest things that happened this past week: North Korea tried to launch a missle and it bombed. Alan Cox launched his "Alan Cox Comedy Tour 2017" and he blew the House of Blues up with laughter and fun.

It was Friday night. House of Blues was the venue and Alan Cox was our host, in case the name of the show wasn't hint enough. Alan was not too interested in being the focus of his own show. He gets that ish five days a week on his WMMS radio show. Instead he gladly settled for a few quick jokes and then got right to business hosting a lineup of comedians he was rightfully proud to present. And he presented it to a legitimately sold-out crowd.

We recently highlighted Juanda Mayfield's performance hosting for Chris Franjola at Hilarities. Tonight she was the first comedian up and she set the bar high.

Really high. She had the raucous crowd laughing steadily throughout her opening set. She works with kids, but only the ones that don't taste as good. She had her energy way up Friday night, possibly a blood-sugar issue related to all the "vanilla boys" in the crowd. If you want to drug her drink, she's ok with it, but at least do the math correctly. She has a new flavor of Oreo in mind but it may require some audience members. Anyone who was there will tell you that Juanda Mayfield is very funny. I know that because every person there was laughing. It was like a laugh buffet. Oh yeah, Juanda also likes buffets. Buffets and vanilla boys!

Adam Richard was up next. He was fresh from a trip to Cedar Point judging by his level of anger regarding one ride in particular there. Especially considering he feels more danger on certain city streets. The death of a local business icon was no moral hurdle for Adam. Although he admitted it left a certain taste in his mouth. Whether it's the Raven that is part of his Prince costume or the birds his mom admires, they are not singing. If you go see Adam he will translate for you.

He gives great directions to his hometown of Medina. His mom may be getting some gifts with disturbing rap and disturbing wrapping from him.

Mike Head is tall. Not surprisingly, he is aware of that. He may actually have a tall-man complex. If you're a jockey, he won't bother you though. He feels some dress codes are more like moral codes when you get right down to it. Mike knows Ohio laws but can't always find a fat white woman to ride with. Don't get it twisted, Mike is a thug. But please don't keep him out too late. He likes what he likes on Facebook because he is a hater. We had not seen Mike Head before but we will definitely be seeing more of him soon.

There was a fun intermission-style roast battle between Cody "Poundcake" Brown and Erika Lauren but we were unable to hear it because a nearby birthday party of women that obviously want to "see you next Tuesday" insisted on talking at the top of their lungs. Luckily they calmed down before the next comedian because I'm pretty sure my thoughts were about to explode their heads into a big mess and that's not fair to the great staff at HOB. Poundcake brought home the win though. And the laughs continued.

Girls pay more attention to Bill Squire now. Why is of no concern to him. Don't think for a minute that he doesn't care about girls' feelings. Know it.

If you believe the portrayals of infidelity that movies perpetuate, don't go see Bill Squire. He has the real details and though they may often take place in a scenic park, which exact part of the park is far less "Ross & Rachel" and a lot more "George Michael & undercover cop". He strongly identifies with the Browns but on a non-football level. After being out of the dating game for a while Bill required some work to get his dirty talk beyond one syllable while still remaining complimentary. Bathroom gender issues don't concern him one way or another. Instead he relies on universal truth, basic common sense and...oh yeah, the law. If you have seen Bill live recently, you may recall that he understands the law almost as much as a haunted house cop does. Almost.

Regardless of which ear is the tough ear, Bill's earring is gone. I missed Kobe's goodbye game in Cleveland and I never got to see Jim Brown play but I can say I was there when Bill Squire's earring gave its last full performance. Now all I need is some grandkids to tell. To be honest, he actually removed it at the performance Saturday night but my grandkids will never know that.

Ramon Rivas came home to drop some jokes on us. And that he did. Ramon is ever the quiet charmer. Soft-spoken but with strong takes on original premises, Accidental Comedy's leading man made it clear why he has been enjoying so much success lately. He headlined a show with a very strong lineup. And he was great.

Despite his email address, Ramon was dressed casually Friday night. He patiently explained the flaws in the college credit system. You see, Ramon would like to cash in on his education quite literally. If you ever see Ramon with a "will work for food" sign, know that he requires a guarantee. Charity or not, he needs to know that lunch is a sure thing. His niece is mean, but not self-aware.

Perhaps she is learning this at school where they held a mock election that was a little too realistic. Having recently moved to LA, Ramon has had some up and coming Uber drivers. He knows the true basis of Cleveland's economy but it may have a few wrinkles. Since moving to Cali, Ramon has developed quite the knack for fabric store jingles. Did we mention that he has his own half-hour special on Comedy Central? Well...he does!!! Check it out and get a feel for why he is Cleveland's "eminent Latino". He reps us well. "Accidentally."

Anyone that was in attendance will tell you

that "The Alan Cox Comedy Tour" has to be considered an early contender for Comedy Event Of The Year at this year's inaugural 2017 Cleveland Comedy Awards.

Both of the shows sold out this year so get your tickets early when they hit the streets in 2018. All five comedians were very funny and the price is great!!!

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