Step Brothers Lounge 4/11/17

John Bruton hosted once again. This time at Brothers Lounge in Lakewood. The crowd was sparse at best and that's a shame because John and Brian Kenny have a great venue with very good food and service.

We know Tuesday's aren't big party nights but the shows are really fun. We were glad to be there and John started off by explaining what is better than chips on a date. Again, John Bruton is an opportunist.

And a quick-thinking one. He makes good use of the people in the front row on most nights. This night was no exception. He had some fun with a few audience members and then introduced the night's first comedian.

Dwayne Duke is queer. His words. He had a hard time connecting with the "uglies" in the audience so he moved on to strip clubs. But not like you think.

Mike Strenk loves the Spin Doctors and the smell of refugees. Dude is woke. In a kind of different way.

He had a jogger's high affecting his libido but at least his face was clean.

Marlon Fears is even less of a Trump supporter than Hilary. The next show he does will probably have at least one more person attending if I know my Secret Service policies. He brought an original aspect to the show when he reverse-introduced the host during his exit. As John Bruton described it..."that happened."

Jeremy Sheer is not welcome in at least one hospital. And just for making a simple suggestion.

He understands the artistic value of Tyler Perry.

Jeremy has oddly specific forensic theories.

Look for our upcoming feature on Mr. Sheer.

Liz Blanc is a teacher. But she learns a lot of really funny stuff in the process. She has the required footwear to fit in where she lives, rest assured.

She struggles to explain some movie titles to her students. She sometimes gets confusing compliments from the kids she teaches. She is recently single, but her ex-boyfriend will tell you she is "top-shelf".

She joined a gym because her cheat days can sometimes run a little long.

I don't know if he still calls it "The Jake" but Jimmie thinks Progressive Field definitely has the wrong name right now. He seems to love Pymatuning Spillways and his Dad equally. But if you just want some racist, philosophical reviews of his memorable childhood places, he has those too. Later, Jimmie Graham, aka "Raul The Raccoon Boy", had to be physically removed as he thought he had reserved additional stage time but instead was carried away and tossed like a prison salad by Brian Kenny. It was a disturbing scene of Bri-olence. I saw Jimmie's belly button. Haven't slept since.

We caught sets from Eulise Dickerson on both Monday and Tuesday nights. She just lost 15 pounds but no matter how fit she may get, she can't be trusted as a potential hero. Ever. She wishes white people would touch her head more. Cheating makes her more ashamed than jealous of her exes.

Megan Brautigam was next and wasted no time dropping one-liners. Looking innocent but making it seem more like irony with every word, she brought a mix of laughs and cringes with her views.

She has a strangely positive outlook on ophthalmology issues but a really weird take on how it relates to Archie, Peyton and Eli Manning.

Brian Kenny closed the show and expressed that he is quickly losing respect for certain co-dependent flavors. Not all shaved animals are created equally. That also goes for fetish websites.

Brian knows these things. He recently had a revelation regarding our national anthem. He also shared some cultural insight he gained from a WW2 vet regarding very specific human "weaponry".

John and Brian are putting on some great shows at this venue. Stay tuned here for some special offers coming up to help jump-start this place and really get things rolling! Next show is May 9th. We will be there and giving some cool stuff away! We hope to see you there too.