Make Em Laugh Mondays 4/10/17

John Bruton stays busy. After being at the Cleveland Improv all weekend, we caught him co-hosting Make Em Laugh Mondays (guess which night it was) and then last night we went back to Brothers Lounge where he co-hosts the "Step Brothers Lounge" shows with his Accidental Comedy partner Brian Kenny. We'll start with M.E.L.M., which takes place at the Grog Shop every Monday night. Here's what we saw...

Bruton started the night hosting solo but was soon joined by co-host Nelsin Davis. DJ Stroke held down the musical side of things more than adequately. Some new sound effects were tested out and a few were pretty funny. The crowd was better than decent especially for a Monday night. John explained which titties correlate with which colleges. He took advantage of his solo situation by explaining why a certain rapist can't be guilty. Nelsin Davis was not even there to defend his differing opinion.

John Bruton is an opportunist.

Adam Richard was first up. We'll have to trust him as to whether or not some of his body hair is a particular color. An avid gravy enthusiast, Adam has no time for small talk. He'd rather people-watch or hang out at Cedar Point. If you express your liking for the wrong rollercoaster, verbal attacks may follow. Adam has not only been mistaken for Prince but he also knows why doves, and all birds, cry.

He's on the Alan Cox Comedy Tour this weekend so check him out if you can get a ticket.

Zako Ryan made an appearance. He informed us before he went up that he is very new at comedy. He is much more comfortable on stage than the average new comedian. That's for sure. He gets recognized when shopping even though he doesn't play for the Cavs, or shop in the right places. He suspects he may be a human voodoo doll because of the timing of his tattoos.

Brian Tidwell likes local rappers but also wants to pick his own car music. His friends have his back, as long as he's in a decent neighborhood. And one of them likes his jeans a little too much. He'll give you saltless fries with side-salt if you want.

But he hates you for it.

Marcello Hernandez came out and announced his new alias and food and entertainment choices. He doubts the origin of evil is as much related to sexuality as artistic license. He is not an expert on penguins. And he never claimed to be.

Anyone who says differently is "B.S.", which may not stand for what you think it does.

Jasmyn Carter got bumped. At first.

Then she got made fun of by the aforementioned opportunistic host, John Bruton. But soon Nelsin Davis popped up and righted all wrongs like a comedy super hero. The back and forth banter between Davis and Bruton was pretty funny.

Jasmyn Carter finally got her turn and wasted no time defending her puberty status. She is "new" at being gay but already feels like she has reached video game levels with the gayness of her appearance. She's a thug. Plain and simple. and she laughs in the face of authority.

In the end, Jasmyn wasn't even the last comic before the "Wild'n Out" portion of the show began. We don't have highlights from that segment but we plan to catch it next week and post the fun we see.

Last man up was Greg Kennedy.

Greg is a captain of industry and a lover of work-related wordplay. His linguistic prowess does not end there as he then gave us a look into his grocery store exploits, particularly his strong game with the ladies in a particular aisle. Greg hosts his own Tuesday night show at O'Toole's in Lakewood. It's a lot of fun and we go almost every week now.

Shows start at 8pm.

We will have MELM "Wild'n Out" highlights soon!! Check out "Make Em Laugh Mondays" shows at the Grog Shop.