Step Brothers Lounge 4/4/17

We got to Brothers Lounge just in time and here's what we saw there...

Our host John Bruton opened the show.

He offered to get drinks for audience members. Ever the gentleman, he then provided guidance as to which sex act correlates with which famous athlete and/or team. He can argue intelligently but would probably plead guilty to something he didn't do if the prosecutor had a fat ass and d-cups. He wants white girls to call him "Jackie" for a specific reason.

If you find yourself in the Youngstown area, look up Jason Moliterno. He would love to be your tour guide. Just be sure to use the bathroom before you go! He chooses his beers based on time. He feels good about Chief Wahoo's demeanor. He thinks a World Series would literally be a feather in our caps. He has questions about High School Jesus. Chipotle mistakes are one of his main self-esteem builders. Polished deliveries and voluminous punch lines are what we got from this short set. Jason is a fun comic to watch.

Desmond Turner sleeps on his back. His math is different than Billy's math. And that's Billy's problem! His family ate "locally-sourced" produce way before it was trendy...or safe! He has a few tips for using the bathroom around black girlfriends. Check him out.

Kris Wernowsky knows the two-sided demographics of Miami off the top of his head. He hopes he hasn't voted for the last time. He sees common ground between political parties.

He wants a woman president for a disturbing reason. Please don't act like he doesn't know the 90's. He does. And he does not recommend doing everything signs tell you to do.

Watching backyard wrestling makes Ray Hyclak feel good about himself. He is a member of a support group for former followers of a group with a very specific "makeup".

As John Bruton later pointed out, Rodescu Hopkins may or may not have something in common with R. Kelly. He prefers an attractive and morally-questionable realtor. He has a forgiving fiancé.

Dave Flynt requires wifi to go to the bathroom.

He feels like certain theme songs are detrimental to a child's self esteem.

He wants his Power Rangers how he wants them. Even if there are literal racist/homophobic undertones involved.

He thinks Flo-Rida should fire his agent and then breaks down the true meaning of some Fugees lyrics. Dave Flynt is really funny. Go see him before he gets cryogenically frozen.

We had a great time and we also had more great food! We highly (pun) recommend checking this show out!

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