O'Fools at O'Toole's

We stopped in to see what was happening at the "O'Fools at O'Toole's" show with host Greg Kennedy. Our pics came out a bit dark as there was limited (zero) lighting. So instead, we decided to include a brief description of the background music that can be heard bleeding in from the live music next-door. You may think this is an unflattering description. Nope.

We loved it. And Bill Squire was there.

His earring was there. And the best turnout we've seen there was there.

So there. Here's what we saw before we had to head over to Brothers Lounge...

Greg Kennedy:

Greg hosted alone because his co-host was attending a seminar on responsibility. The lighting guy must have been with him because the room was pretty dim.

But the faces of all the children awaiting wondrous, glorious jokes lit it up brightly in our minds. Greg kept the opening very short and all signs pointed to him being depressed about The Undertaker.

He also recently quit his job. He did not seem depressed about that.

Mike Dragon:

(Background music: band tuning-up and random bursts of cheers for the Cavs.) With a name like Mike Dragon there is little else to be achieved. Yet Mr. Dragon (even better!) managed to form a completely new theory on JFK's death. He also likely smoked as an infant.

Bill Squire:

Set to a background score of what can only be described as great music to slaughter your favorite goat to, Bill admitted up-front that he's not fluent in slang. He's sure his daughter will eventually move out of his house.

Finding out why was a little awkward though. He was a playfully violent child.

If u see him around town, he loves to discuss his innermost feelings.

Definitely approach him.

Megan Brautigam:

(Background music: quiet funeral wailing)

Next up was our very own Megan Brautigam. What can we say? She's proud of where she's from. That's slightly more complicated than it sounds.

When not upsetting her feminists friends she does laundry "like gay guys."

She is an eternal optimist at the optometrist. She made shocking sexual allegations against Archie Manning.

Marcello Hernandez:

(Background music: a hauntingly non-description piece by Willy Nelson's physically/musically challenged brother.)

Straight from a successful job interview, Marcello strongly asserts that some fish names are threatening when said by certain people. His philosophy on philosophers is enlightening. He's single and if you're interested, ladies...I have two words of advice: Granny. Panties.


I am creepy but not enough so that I want to highlight my own set. So let's skip me but it should be noted that Greg pointed out that I was, in some way, originated via rape. Thanks Greg!

Zako Ryan:

(Background music: Woody Guthrie huffing helium between verses.)

Zako prefers to pay inside for gas.

He had an angry walk as a child.

But he still looks forward to his Christmas work sock every December.

He slipped up and admitted he moved to Ohio as part of the Halloween Costume Protection Program.

O'Fools at O'Toole's is definitely worth a look. It's fun and it's free!

Every Tuesday at 8pm, 13601 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, OH

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