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Hilario at Barrio 3/27/17

Bill Squire hosted his Hilario at Barrio Monday night and it went from empty to a very decent turnout really quickly.

Hilario is Barrio's open mic night. As for the food, you have to know by now that the tacos at Barrio are muy bueno!

We absolutely love Barrio as is, so with the Monday night addition of free comedy, it is a no-brainer. Here's a little of what we saw...

Bill Squire kicked it off. Some of Bill's subjects tonight included his guide to appropriate volume levels at sporting events and confirmation bias vs delayed gratification. Bill always opens with a short set and also adds a few jokes throughout. Bill is not short on material so feel free (Get it? The show is free!) to check out multiple shows with him involved.

It wasn't long before Mr. Cody Cooper got his time. He opened up to us all about his sensual relationship with yogurt lids. He also has disturbing plans to help his girlfriend quit smoking.

Chad McKenzie expressed his levels of love/anger for a few select 90's rockers. He told of how he loves to hold a woman in a way that is timeless and trend-proof.

His dream pet is anything small and docile.

Accidental Comedy's Mary Santora, whose set turns her first name into misspelled irony, shared her thoughts on sister tattoos, drinking at home and how she plans to become a pronoun.

Mary is always engagingly funny. Go see her set and you'll see why that last line was a pun!

We caught another rapid-fire set of AJ DiCosimo's weird thoughts.

He was again entertaining and playfully dark. He has quick and plentiful punchlines.

What to say about Chad "Dream" Weaver? He humped his way on stage in a room full of women eating tacos. Eroticism? Check! He added a sense of danger by declaring that he once blew up a homeless woman using only the truth. He also provided a quick rundown of the stresses, scents and experiences of his very specific job, the ironies of a very pathetic job he once had and who he goes down on. He ended on a gentle tale of love-making. Like Chad Weaver says..."always leave 'em horny."

Go see Hilario at Barrio next Monday if you want to understand these write-ups better!

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